Hair is one of the secret weapons for women to show their beauty and personality. Long hair usually gains most of women’s love, because it provides various options for styling and can take on different looks after shaping. Here are some perfect hairstyles for long hair, so you can find the most suitable one as a reference for your own hairdo.

Long hair with curls. This is one of the most popular hairstyles among celebrities. It is simple designed and always in fashion. You can easily jazz up your hair by creating curls or waves. Just by using a curling iron you can create what curls you like. You also can use hair extensions to add curls to your real hair. Meanwhile, you can easily create a beautiful look by adding bounce and texture to your curly tresses.

Updo hairstyles. This hairdo is popular in weddings, business parties and certain social functions require that you show up with a formal hairstyle. Brushing your hair to the back or piling it neatly on top of your head, gives your neck an elongated look, and focuses attention to your shoulders. That’s why this kind of haircut gets popularity. To some extent, Updo hairstyles also make it possible for you to bring attention to your beautiful earrings and necklace.

Long hair with layered cut. It is easily to attain a long and layered hairstyle by taking a razor cut with uneven ends. This haircut is suitable for any type of face. Remember that hair styling may damage your hair, so you should make proper hair care after styling.

Long hair with bang. Bangs with wavy hairs can easily make you look extremely gorgeous. By pulling a section of your hair across your forehead and clipping it you can simply create a side bang. This hair style will not only adds fashion style to your appearance but also accents your eyes or jaw line.

By following the above tips and compare to your own face shape, you can create the celebrity-like hairdo to show your personality and taste of beauty. But don’t forget to maintain your hair after styling.